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    I've been making these cards to use myself and thought I'd share them for whoever cares :D

    These are for playing Pokemon Duel like a regular ol board game, using a 24-sided dice instead of spinning the wheels. The board isn't too complicated so I didn't print that, at the very least you can just draw it on a piece of cardboard or something ;) I always loved this game because I thought it was just so cool that it was originally the Trading Figure Game but there's only like three series because they were too expensive to make so they stopped and now barely anyone knows about it.

    These are meant to be just "pretty good" because each one takes like half an hour to make what with needing to space everything right. I just made random ones I liked and reused the figure art and put the moves in a circle to keep the same kind of wheel style. A lot of the descriptions are shortened to make them fit, but I figure you can always look them up and they're not hard to remember. I marked off the moves with the corresponding numbers you would use with a dice, and added names and types and abilities. These are made in LibreOffice (the BEST office!) and I'm gonna make a bit more so if people like them I'll keep posting them.


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