Question OverBoost the Nintendo Switch


May 18, 2020
4 : O-Wii (V1,V2,V2.1)/ BS2
I'm on a project of boosting a Switch to the max with upgraded cooling (so no temp issue B|).
So I use a V2 (Mariko), since it consume and heat less and the GPU can theoretically go to higher clock than the V1 (Erista).

I'm on latest FMW (16.0.0) and latest Atmosphere
For OC I use sys-clk-uncapped
And for now at max OC allowed with sys-clk, with official PSU,
CPU : 1785
GPU : 921
MEM : 1600

In game it's ... cool ... even when docked :D

So I know I can go higher on all components.
From what I see the RAM can go up to 1996.8 MHz, the GPU up to 1267.2 MHz

I see a youtube video of a man showing how to OC the RAM more than 1600 :
But it seems that it's now outdated and didn't work on latest FMW.

So ... if anyone have an idea of how and if it's possible to unlock that, that can be really helpful, it's been 3 day and I search everywhere without success :\

I know there are some limitation due to the VRM design and power design,
but it's not an issue, I can measure all of that and figured out how to cool that more or upgrade ...