Question Nintendo 64 Pal to NTSC Convertion

Sep 10, 2022
I know this topic is really old but helped me understand he basics
What i am trying to do is Convert a PAL N64 into NTSC with the Encode DENC-NUS

So far i know

There are 3 types of Video DAC/Encoder
Type 1 :
They are mostly ntsc’s anyway
Also found a guide and info here to convert them to pal
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Type 2 :
[bold]Trying to find the solution and info about these Pal boards and how to convert them into ntsc.
Not able to find any info regarding this chips and boards.[/bold

Type 3 :
Pinout :

Solution : Figured out how to convert these into NTSC
Just change the the crystal with NTSC one and lift the pin 21 and connect it to the ground
And you have the ntsc console.

I want to convert the pcb with DENC-NUS to ntscs

Please help.

Also found this page with quite some info but mot anything about the Pal with DENC-NUS chips.öglich/

So far what i have tried
Swapped the x1 crystal with the ntsc one and u7 i lifted and grounded the pin 8
Getting a bad picture


Update :
I tried connecting the mx8330 pin 7 to 3.3v and i got a black white screen in NTSC mode

Update : 3

There is def an incomplete pinout of DENC-NUS
So what i tried just now pulled the pin 24 High and console didn’t boot then i restored it back and then pulled the pin 13 high and got the same result as before Bad colors in NTSC roms via everdrive and no colors on pal games.
What else i can pull and try
Also tried pulling high pin 14 on DENC-NUS Getting same bad colors on ntsc and black and white on pal