Board scan N64 Rev 9-1 Compendium


Ivan - the tyranny of evil men
Jan 16, 2016
Ragnarok, re-entry
So, this was something I was working on back in the day. I was planning to clean it up a bit more, get things more sorted and labeled, add more revisions, etc. - but that never came to fruition. There's one major difference between this compendium and the Wii Compendium; this one is fill tool compliant. I spent a lot of time sanding the board at higher and higher grits (up to 2000, but the sweet spot was actually 1200) until I could get it to scan in well enough to be able to use the fill tool with some tolerance tweaking. This let me make a source trace layer, which traces can be copied from, and then colored in with just a few clicks, compared to having to manually draw lines for hours on end.

You'll find that the grand majority of it is done, with several different layers already colored in for your convenience, however there's still a few things missing so be sure to double check everything on your own. Anyone who wants to improve on this is free to do so, but you'll have to work with the staff since I won't be maintaining this after posting.

The reason the Rev 9-1 was chosen because it was the latest revision of the board that I could get my hands on, and being closest to the end of the life cycle of the system means that electrically this should at least show the bare minimum requirements for the N64 to work properly, even after component changes/cost cuts/etc. You'd have to ask someone smarter than me about that if you want specifics. For the most part, a lot of what you can determine with this can be applied to the earlier revisions, but always be sure to double check before trimming since a lot of little things move around.

Shoutouts to Gman for bothering me about releasing this.