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Discussion in 'Wii' started by Gigabyte66, Aug 22, 2019.

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    I'm doing this now because I bricked my N64 before even trimming it or anything. I removed the motherboard and now it won't turn on anymore. To start, a lot of things that I need are here and I need to ask something.

    So, the battery/charger of my Wii U gamepad broke. But I don't really care about using my Wii U anymore.
    So, I'm probably just going to use that as the whole thing. Will, that work at all? I put this as worklog because it's still going to be the worklog, but I'm asking this first.
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    You can get everything to fit without externally modifying the case, but it's a fair bit of work to do. Several people have attempted it, I can't remember if anyone actually finished a unit. I know several people have completed portables where they expanded the gamepad case with a small project box on the back where the battery door is to give them enough room to put good batteries inside.
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    18650s don't fit on the inside when only the screen is in place (too thick for it)
    You will either have to use a flatpack or put the batteries on the back
    I would personally suggest going for something like a g-wii or another design that people have successfully completed before for your first portable as I have looked before but haven't found anyone that has finished a portable in a wii u gamepad without back expansion (even with back expansion I've only seen 2). Here's an example:
    I am currently working on a wii u gamepad portable (no worklog), and hindsight it 20/20. Planning is key, especially when it is this thin (something I didn't do much of) and I am having problems now due to that (first portable for me).
    I've attached some helpful materials if you are planning to go through with this though.

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