Worklog My First N64 Portable

Sep 17, 2019
Hey everyone! So for the longest time I have wanted to make my own nintendo 64 portable. A while ago I took my first stab at it and ran into some issues. However I have been working on it again and am more determined than ever.

Currently I am using

2x2 sets of samsung 18650 3500mah batteries running in parallel and then in series for 7000mah and 7.4v
7" 16:9 800x480 tft lcd than can switch the aspect ratio between 4:3 and 16:9
Oem N64 controller
I have no yet decided on what audio amp and speakers to use yet! (Likely going to order the amp from the bitbuilt store)

I have wired up to test the lcd and the batteries and all is working well! I am planning on re-wiring bits as needed when im putting everything together in the case, however I needed to make sure it was working prior to working on the case.

I am planning on doing a frankencase using the original n64 case for my first handheld attempt.

I tested it so far with Mario Part 2 and Pokemon Stadium 2 and all is working!

The next step is for me to strip the power input,multi av out,power button, reset button and controller ports off the motherboard!