my first 2 portable N64's

Feb 5, 2017
Hello Folks,

I recently joined this forum over from Bitfixgaming, and figured id share my first 2 portables here. Note that i made these a few years back, and im posting them purely to share :)
And perhaps for future reference to see where i came from and where it all started.

The first one surely wasn't a beauty(read abomanation :P), but atleast it was functional.
As i knew nothing about electronics when i started this hobby, at the time i felt quite proud on actually finishing a working portable which wasn't TO big.

The 2nd had atleast better casework, became smaller, had extra functions like a expansion pak (bended) and things like a battery indicator.
To most of you features like this seem like childsplay, but the thing i love about this hobby is the progress you can make, and learning from your mistakes. and always try to make it better and better !

dimensions :
Length : 13 CM 5.1"
Width : 23 CM 9.1"
Height : 6.5 CM 2.5"
Weight : 900 Gram 31 oz

specs :
PS One Screen and speakers unmodded
W78 3.3V regulator
2x BP-915 2200Mah
Build-in Charger
Makopad 64 Controller

Let me present you the 64 Lunch (read; sixty For Lunch)Features :

Case : 7" x 4.5" x 2.5" lunchbox
2x 3 watt speakers
Expansion pack
3.5 inch screen with screen controles.
PS1 joystick on a Superpad 64
4400mah Li-ion Battery pack

I am posting this here to show a bit what i have done in the past, and i like to share older projects, or look back at them for where it all began for me.

Now for the future, i do own a 3d printer and am practicing with that.
As the biggest problem for me (as you can tell :P) is case work.

I have done alot of projects by now with my printer, and designing is starting to feel natural.
Soon i will either start a Wii Portable or perhaps yet another N64 who knows.

For now im moving to a new appartment, but i thought sharing these could be fun and perhaps after 2 years, someone can still point something out that i missed out on :)
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Apr 10, 2017
Same problem man lol, your first projects look ALOT better than how mine did. I started with the raspberry pi and moved onto the gamecube