Madmorda’s Wii S Lite: Second Place in the Contest, First Place Among Clamshells



Madmorda initially closed up this beauty of a project last July, just days before the contest ended. However, after closing it up, she wasn’t totally satisfied with the end result. Everyone else hailed it as a beautiful revolution, but Madmorda was just kinda Sadmorda with the end result. And then her Wii motherboard went on the fritz and she was really MADmorda. After several months of revamping, repainting, and refinishing her portable, the Wii S Lite is finally complete and ready to display to the public.


Don’t like it? Well, there’s The Thousand Year Door; you can see yourself out.


This portable boasts a variety of nifty features for everyone to envy.

  • Clamshell design
  • 5 inch composite screen
  • Breakout box which contains component video out and three GameCube controller ports
  • Micro USB charging via a portable battery bank built into the system
  • Internal GameCube controller via a GC+
  • WiiHUD audio amp (allows for volume information to appear onscreen as well as switch between headphone sound and speakers seamlessly)
  • IR LEDs for full Wiimote support
  • A gorgeous Zero Suit Samus paint job
Pretty hard to not be Gladmorda with a feature list like that, huh?


Madmorda’s case was unique, in that she utilized both frankencasing and 3D printing in her design. The case started out as an Intec DS carrying case, like this one:


That’s pretty small. From there, she frankencased in ports and PS2 buttons for the triggers and start button.


After this, she moved onto the 3D printing. The part that holds the screen is 3D printed, as well as the plate that contains the fan vent and controls. The button and 3DS slider guides were taken out of 3DS shells, and then frankencased in as needed.


Her technique was hardly orthodox, but nobody can argue with the final results.


Here’s a YouTube video that shows off the completed build:

Madmorda is already looking to the future with new and original projects like a fully functional GameCube controller built into a key chain, new paint jobs, and other awesome projects. Be sure to hang around the forums to see what’s next!

For more information be sure to check out the Wii S Lite worklog.