Interact Gamecube lcd screen sound only?

Discussion in 'Screens' started by Madmorda, Feb 17, 2017.

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    Hey guys :) I recently picked up an interact lcd screen for gamecube for cheap. When I turn it on however, I get sound but no video.

    I searched around and found this pinout diagram.
    I'm not sure what it means by "composite sync". Should I just hook up composite there like I would on a tft monitor?

    I checked for continuity between the cables and the screen. The ground is definitely continuous, but the power seems a bit finicky. I think there is some internal cable damage because I had issues with it earlier where it would only power on at a certain angle.

    I also tried to check for continuity between all the pins on the av connector and the "composite sync" pin labeled in the diagram. They don't seem to be connected, so either that's not the right pin or there's a broken connection somewhere. I'd like to get confirmation that composite sync is just used like regular and I don't need to hook anything else up though before wiring anything.

    This is a picture of the smaller circuit board (not pictured in link).
    At first I took this bubble to be epoxy, but upon closer inspection it seems to be a defect. Based on the website link though, I believe I shouldn't need this circuit board for video, only the one for the screen. And the audio works, so if I bypass this board for video in, maybe it won't affect anything.

    Sorry for the long post :T
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    RGB+CSync is used in SCART cables in Europe as an improved signal with respect to composite, but it's not used in the US. NTSC GameCubes don't have RGB output.
    CSync is basically a blank composite video in which there are left only vertical and horizontal sync.
    Most if the times though, screens use directly full composite video to get sync if SCART video input is selected, while they use it also for the video otherwise, so most likely it is going to work just by connecting composite to what is labeled as "composite sync" on that diagram.

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