How to wire video for your N64P

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    Having some sort of video in a portable is essential. Without it you can't see the game you are playing. Wiring up video is quite simple. This guide will cover getting composite out on your N64.

    This is the back of a N64. This area is the top left where the A/V cable goes into the motherboard.

    Pin Wiring.png

    From here you can pull Composite, L/R audio, and even 5V. However, most people who are trying to make a smaller portable will cut this area off completely making it impossible to pull video from this area.

    U5-U4 Wiring.png

    (NOTE: Different revisions of the board will have different setups in terms of the U4/5 chips. Please do not solder onto this exact pin unless your board has the same setup. If you do not have the same setup, follow the video pin from the back of the board with a multi meter to find which pin you can grab video from.)

    When you trim the A/V plug off you can pull video from the U5 and Audio from the U4. This area is directly right from the RCP chip. Soldering onto these chips can be tricky for beginners, so make sure you don't bridge any pins when you're wiring up video.
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