How to create a Project M ISO

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    What is Project M?

    Super Smash Brothers Melee is a masterpiece with a cultish following. If you haven't taken the time to get into it, I highly recommend it. Its sequel, Brawl, added several new characters and a plethora of new content. Brawl was controversial, primarily in that it "dummed down" gameplay. However, a team of modders known as the Project M Dev took it upon themselves to mod Brawl into something greater, known as Project M

    Project M added more and more content from its first demo in February of 2011 until its final build in August of 2015. The professionalism and protectionism of the developers really show in this community driven mod. It evolved from a simple mod into its own game, complete with custom character outfits, new moves, easter eggs, and full audio tracks. This mod was built from the ground up for the fans, and makes brawl feel obsolete.

    For more information, view the complete wiki article on Project M

    Part 1: Preparation

    Step 1: Get your Brawl ISO
    I cannot link you to this. Piracy is bad, mmmmkay?
    Put this where you can find it. Make sure it is unmodified and untrimmed. If you are having issues, you have a bad rip, which essentially means your ISO is corrupted.

    Step 2: Download Project M 3.6 Homebrew

    Download Link (Project M ISO BUILDER)

    If the link does not work:
    Here is a direct link to Project Mirror, where you can download any version of PM
    Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 1.08.31 AM.png
    Click anywhere in the red box
    Another note: DO NOT RUN LEAKED 4.0 BUILDS ON A WII! Numerous bricks have been reported with these. 3.6 is reported to be 100% safe.

    Step 3: Download The Ultimate SSBB ISO Builder
    Download Link (Ultimate SSBB ISO Bulider)

    Link to thread with information
    Github Page Link

    Part 2: Using Ultimate SSBB ISO Builder

    Step 4: Open the ISO Builder

    Step 5: Selecting the proper file locations
    Brawl ISO: Click "Browse..." and select your Brawl ISO
    Mod Folder:
    GCT File:

    Step 6: Remove Subspace Emissary (Recommended)
    Checking this box removes the story mode from the game and reduces the file size by several gigabytes.

    Step 7: Game ID, Title, and Banner (optional)
    If you do not know what these are, leave them alone and unchecked. This changes how the file is sorted and viewed outside of gameplay.

    Step 8: Build ISO
    Smash that Build Button

    Step 9: Select an output destination
    Pick where you would like the new file to show up

    Step 10: Output format
    If you chose to remove subspace emissary, choose ISO
    If you chose to keep subspace emissary, choose WBFS

    Step 11: Split WBFS (subspace emissary builds only)
    If you chose to keep subspace emissary, select yes when it asks you if you would like to split the WBFS file. If given a choice of size, select 4gb.

    Step 12: Place Project M where it belongs

    Step 13: Play Project M as Wii Rob
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    I recommend changing the GameID to RSBEPM that way it can properly download it's own cover, and won't mess up anything if you also have Brawl on your drive.

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