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    Aug 2, 2019
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    I've been searching for a new, off-the-shelf solution to my N64 portable audio needs and have come up short. Ideally I would think we'd want an amplifier board that can do all the following:
    • Drive external speakers (4-8 Ohm, 1-1.5W perhaps).
    • Has built-in headphone jack.
    • Headphone jack drops audio level to mW and switches off speakers automatically.
    • Has built-in volume control (thumbwheel potentiometer, digital, or similar)
    So far I've tried:
    • PAM8403 (Import)
    • TDA2822M (Import)
    • LM4853 (Sparkfun)
    • MAX98306 (Adafruit)
    I added my own headphone switch jack and dual taper dial potentiometer to approximate what I need. But I still have an issue with headphones being too loud and the entire thing is messy to assemble. Ran across a TPA6132. It appears to do the headphone management side, but apparently I'd have to still use an amp for the speakers.

    Thanks to Stitches I was made aware of this board by JacksonS:

    It looks perfect, but would require skills and setup I currently don't have, so I'm holding off until I exhaust other options.

    So, before I continue this exhausting exploration of audio solutions, I was wondering if anyone has any discoveries to share. Thank you for sharing.

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