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    PS2 SCPH-90010

    I am in the process of designing a PS2 Portable. I need help, I want to know if this system that I will show you next is well structured, if something is missing or if something needs to be removed. I will tell you what I did with my words. There are two 1850 batteries of 3.7v, 2200mAh, connected to a BMS, from which the positive and negative cables will be sent to the external power port of the console, and another branch where the charging jack will go (the charger will be 7.5v ). It should be noted that a voltmeter will be used to monitor the voltage of the batteries and be aware if the battery is low or charged. The BMS has overload and low voltage protection and all that mess. In the middle there will be an ON-OFF switch to cut the energy.

    1 - I also wanted to know how I could feed the monitor with this circuit (the monitor requires 5V 1A) 2 - With this type of batteries how much game time would you have?

    3- Is it okay if I weld the two cables (positive and negative) to the input pins of the console?

    Sorry for my bad english :/
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    1. You could most likely power the monitor off the USB ports on the ps2, as USB runs on 5v.
    2. The way to figure out how long you will be able to run is to take the Wh rating (multiply volts times Ah) and divide that by how much power the console/screen/speakers use.
    3. You should be fine using two wires to power the console on the input pins.

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