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    I recently had gone to my arcade and just kind of randomly asked them if they had any Arcade shells just laying around that I could have and Sure Enough, Hidden in the back alley was this beauty.
    image0.jpg image0 (1).jpg

    A 4 person Arcade Cabinet!!! Which I was super excited for! I was going to original turn it into a Virtual Boy Arcade Cabinet but after much thought to it. I decided it would function better as a 4 person multicade Arcade! Which will have both a Cfw Ps3 in it and an Original Xbox running CoinOps 8. Controllers will be ps1 controllers with the adapters to each console wired in.
    The reason I am running 2 systems compared to just 1 or even a pc is because I want to make the Arcade Scott Pilgrim themed. I have always loved that Series and I feel like it would look rather beautiful as an arcade machine but the only place to play the game is well on ps3 or Xbox 360 but I cant run as many games so easily on those systems as I can with the og xbox which will have thousands of games running on it which all work out with Arcade controls.
    Both systems will be wired to component so turning them on will just be the press of a button located most likely at the bottom.
    The system will also feature Light Up Arcade Buttons themed to ps3 controls and it will also have a mini fridge at the bottom.
    I've quickly sketched(photoshopped) out some ideas on what the arcade will look like
    (To give perspective, It is the same cabinet used for the Captain America Avengers Arcade Cabinet. )
    roughdraft2.jpg frontroughdraft.jpg

    Now these are extreme rough drafts but it gives a general idea on what it'll look like. Though I will be heavily updating these graphics up and posting here regularly with them.
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