Board scan DMG Front PCB Pinout Button Diagram to DAN215 Board Scan

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    Hey BB,

    As (hopefully) you all know, I love Gameboy modding with an undying passion. It was my first ever console. My first venture was a dual clock mod for the Gameboy pocket years back.

    With the help of @seerofvoid420 we made this diagram of the front button PCB inside of a DMG. It shows the traces to DAN215 that outputs the signals to the cpu, and the ribbon cable.

    Recently I got a few Easy_VGA boards from Kitschbent to test out. They are great! I'm in the process of designing a 3d printed case for it that mounts over the lcd.
    After wiring the mod to the back half pcb, I noticed it didn't need the front PCB to output video.

    But the buttons and speaker were not plugged in. So further understanding of the traces from the buttons to the DAN215 was needed.

    These are the DAN215 components that output the signal data.

    In the end I hope to have a board that replaces the front PCB entirely. This would allow for custom controllers to be used externally on the handheld, turning it into a fully-fledged home console. @Postman is working on that and is fairly confident that he is close to a solution.

    I figured I would post this board scan here for all to use as a tool. Thanks for the help guys!

    This may be helpful to some doing repairs on old Gameboys, or trying to redesign the PCB.
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