Worklog CrashBash's Post-build G-Boy Rev3 Worklog


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Feb 5, 2016
Hello all. Some of you may have heard of me. I'm CrashBash.

A while back I finally got my hands on a G-Boy rev3 kit. The G-Boy ended up being the first portable I've completed - I've lurked/been in the community for "a while"... but I'll leave that story to the cutting edge post that I'll make after this thread. I'll try to make sure to link to it (here) so anyone reading this in the future can find it easily.

So here begins my ramblings.

I'm not an overly huge fan of really "light" shades of colours. Matter of fact most electronics i own are black because a black LCD against anything looks weird to me. Having handled basically every colour of G-Boy that was made, I think that the red may have been the best option, but regardless I went with the light Prusament blue with white sticks. Since the STL's were posted on the forums by gman, I printed new front piece on my Prusa mini using Overture Blue PLA+. I used Wesk's variation of the front and it turned out very nicely in my opinion. I printed the back as well, but between the print not turning out and also holding the two pieces together, I started to decide against going full dark blue. That led to the idea of going two-tone - which I also am not usually a fan of. I pushed onward regardless.

Over the next few weeks I ended up putting most of the PCB's, buttons, and screens.

From there I obtained some new kit to continue and then trimmed the motherboard. The Hakko FX-951 is seriously a great iron. There's newer options that most should probably go with such as the Chinese ksger models but with an end of year bonus in hand and a desire for something I could count on lasting for a long time I went with it.

Also I totally trimmed my MoBo this way.

With everything mostly ready to be be built, I ended up live-streaming a solid 90% of the build on the BitBuilt YouTube account with @CrazyGadget.

After the stream I just needed to finish audio. Which was fun until everything stopped working. When I went to close the case, I started getting this when the system tried booting:

THEN half the time the PMS wouldn't even start the system... and would even "chirp" every second or so when the power button was held. Long story short and some help from @Shank, debugging the aforementioned glitchy screen caused me to drain the one cell I was using for testing to the point it couldn't support the CPU and GPU's draw. Of course that was the last thing we ended up thinking of, but simply plugging in the system while testing solved that issue and the glitchy screen ended up being U10's magnet wire snapping at some point.

Here's one last pic taken before closing up the case

Pictures of the final product in the cutting edge post... tomorrow... ™.