Question controlling a bluetooth board with the switch volume button

Discussion in 'Other' started by Kitsen, Jul 11, 2019.

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    do tupper-stein count?
    Hi there,

    So I'm trying to add a bluetooth board to my Switch, same board that I previously used for my N3DS and I have a bit of an issue.

    I wanted to be able to turn on the board using the switch volume down button and find a way to do it without programing like JacksonS did because I lack the equipment and knowledge.

    So I wired the positive of the volume - button to the positive pad of the bluetooth board. The result is the board just turns on along the switch and then turns back off like the button on the board is continuously being pressed and the switch volume goes down like I was holding that button too.

    So I tried the ground on the volume button to the positive pad of the board, the switch just crashes when I press it's volume down button.

    So as a test I wired the ground of the board to the ground of the volume button, that did of course, nothing.

    I read about Mosfet online and how I can use them to act as some sort of electrical on/off switch, never used one before but the prospect seemed good so went to my local tinkering shop and got myself 3 2n700 mosfet

    I checked the data sheet and wired it as follow.

    When I turn on the Switch the bluetooth board just turns on again right away without me having pressed the volume button (but this time I can use the volume button normally on the switch)
    Long pressing doesn't turn off the board either so I'm at a bit of a loss on how to proceed to make it work.

    Anyone has any idea?
    thank you
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    You could use a T Flip Flop, basically the logic is that only the edge of the signal would cause a change in state of the output, so pressing the volume down would cause a change of state, and the state wouldn't change again until you press the button again. You can use that to drive the gate of a mosfet and I think that would accomplish what you want.

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