Considering starting a n64 portable.

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    Hi All!

    Long time reader first time poster!

    Was hoping to start my own thread to ask questions, but it seems I don't currently have the necessary permissions?

    Any who, I'm looking to build my third N64p; my first was a messy DIY vacuum formed prototype. My second was a lot neater but sadly I got 90% complete before I had a messy split from with an ex and the whole thing got shelved.

    Now I'm going for V3. CNC'd acrylic case, bespoke PCB in the top half for the controller chip, squishy tacts, audio amp, digital potentiometer and hopefully logic gates to mimic Sifuf's solution for volume etc

    I've had to start from scratch finding all my pinout diagrams and research from a few years back.

    I'm attempting the 28 pin cartridge slot rewire? Hopefully there is nothing I should be worried about? I'm going to use a thicker gauge for the ground and 3.3v and 28awg IDE for the cartridge slot.

    My main question though; the controller input; can I just go off the PIF? If so which pins do I need to use exactly?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Moved to a new thread, you need at least one post to make a thread, helps cut down on spam.

    @Noah knows a thing or two about N64s

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