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    Jan 30, 2018
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    Hello my name is Michael and i am from Austria (So sorry for my english :) )

    For 2 years i built my first N64 Portable, but i have not that much skill and fried 3 N64 Boards :(.
    At the first one i tried to relocate the card slot and at the same time the Expansion Board and that was the problem, the Expansion Slot.
    I tried to resolder the pins, but no chance :(.

    At the second i tried to relocate the card slot and use the false pins :D

    At the third i dont know whats wrong.

    So yesterday i resoldered the Expansion Slot and the card slot from the first one, but it wont work.

    I am currently working on my N64 Portable Rev 2, and relocated the card slot and the Expansion slot, so now i have the skills, but i want to reanimate this 3 Boards.

    So yesterday i read something about a resistor fix for the old consoles and these 3 Boards are from 1996 so it could help, but what i have to do?

    What are the advancements to start?

    What can i do?

    Please help me
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