BitBuilt's 2022 Summer Building Competition


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Feb 5, 2016
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In what feels like an instant, Winter is gone and Summer is approaching, and along with it the 7th Summer Contest. We've continued to see new members and projects alike this year despite the ongoing chip shortages and look forward to what innovations will be made for contest entries. Grab your dremels and tools, warm up your irons and 3D printers and build something to partake!


The 2022 Summer Building Competition officially begins June 1st and ends October 1st. Projects started in the month of May will be allowed as entries. After concluding the community will vote and results will be revealed shortly after.


Keeping with tradition, there will be three categories each entry will be voted on. Each category counts as one vote - meaning if someone voted for the same entry in all three categories, that entry would gain 3 votes overall.

Case Design/Aesthetic - Pouring hours and hours into designing and producing a case deserves praise.

Internals - We've all seen portables that look as pretty inside as they do on the outside. Electing to make your internals clean will gain you some votes and cred among the community.

Features and Functionality - Despite the fact that some projects are mods of consoles over a decade old, it doesn't mean they shouldn't have modern amenities. Managing to sneak in extra features, more functionality (original or not), and whatever else you can come up with can gain you extra points.

Our goal each year is to make the contest as fair as possible for everyone participating and we hope that these rules achieve that goal. By reading through the list of contest rules found below, you’re helping to ensure that all involved in the contest has a good experience.

1. All work must be done by you and only you. Commissions involving your contest project are not allowed at any point throughout the duration of the contest while you remain a participant. This includes board trimming, PCB design, case design, wiring of any kind, etc. If you are unsure of what this includes, please ask before going ahead with it to prevent you from being disqualified.

2. A worklog with pictures must be made on the forums. A piece of paper or index card must also be visible in photographs with some variation of “BitBuilt 2022 Summer Building Competition” along with your forum username displayed on it.

3. At the end of the contest, a video of your project is required and must be submitted along with your final contest submission. This video must include a demo of all aspects of the project along with the features listed in your submission as to prove their functionality. Any project found lacking video proof of any features will not have those features listed alongside their project during voting in order to keep things fair.

4. Your entry must not be an entry from previous years completed or otherwise. It must have been started in or after May of 2022.

5. New this year. When making your thread select the "Worklog" prefix. Once your entry is complete and also has your submission video, edit the original post to change the prefix to "Completed".

A tip of advice: Remember your peers will be voting for you. Making a clean work log and or a spending time on your entry video may prove beneficial in portraying your submission to voters!
By registering for the contest, you’re letting us know that you agree to the rules stated above. Breaking the rules (namely the first one) put you at risk of being disqualified from the contest and banned from BitBuilt events and or services. Any necessary punishment is decided by BitBuilt staff and is final. When in doubt about anything, reach out to myself, @cheese or a staff member on the forums / Discord and we will advise you or direct you to someone who can aid you.


In order to register, you must first log in, go to your account dropdown menu, and click “Account Upgrades”.

After that, you can click “Purchase” under the Available Upgrades section and pay the $2 entry fee. Once you have paid the fee, you will automatically be given a banner to denote that you are a contestant in the Competition!

Once you are ready make your worklog in the 2022 Summer Contest subforum. See rule 5 for thread prefix rules - new this year.

Make sure to pay attention to the stickies here on the forums as well as the Discord Channel. Any and all new information, such as the prizes, will be announced in those places respectively.

Good luck to all!