Worklog Beginner Project - The Wii ToU

Sep 21, 2020
Melbourne, Australia
I’m back to having no signal output.
I’ve redone the U10, changed the voltage wires and removed components outside of the trim.

At this point I’ve decided to get another Wii, since they are cheap (around $15 where I am) and I will hopefully do it better this time. Doing the U10 first and testing that before the trimming process. :)
don't throw the board away, hold onto it for a future project once you can trouble shoot it when you have more experience with portablizing, or you could see if an experienced member could use the board rather then just letting the board go to waste
Aug 28, 2020
Ok then, I’ll keep it and hopefully it’ll find a use in the future.

An update, I trimmed and wired up a second board and it works! Boots into the post loader error screen! Feels amazing to finally have a working board. :)

I have also decided to change my project from a Wii u gamepad to a G-Wii design. This means it will be much easier to complete and I can ensure that the console will have a working cooling solution and be much neater and less prone to errors that trying to jam everything in a Wii-U gamepad with 3D printed supports.
I can then use what I’ve learnt at a later stage for a more complex project like a fitting everything into a Wii-U gamepad or designing a custom shell.

The plan for the next steps is to get the case printed and then begin wiring up USB and everything else to get everything working as well as desoldering components from the main board I plan to use such as the memory card slot.