Guide 960i Compatible Gamecube games. (Swiss)


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Jul 12, 2017
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Swiss for Gamecube has the ability to field render 60fps games to 960i, effectively doubling the perceivable resolution (640x960i). There are caveats to this and it doesn't work well for all titles. Extrems (Creator of Swiss) has already expressed that he has abandoned development on this feature due to numerous issues.

However this doesn't stop us benefiting from higher resolutions on games that do currently work with the feature so I've put together my own list of games that work great, mostly ok, and completely broken to save you the hassle of figuring out yourself.

If you come across any games I've missed or find issues that I didn't feel free to post here so I can update the list.

GREAT - Little to no issues, extremely playable.
PLAYABLE - Works mostly well with minor annoyances or glitches.
ISSUES - Graphical issues like inversed field order or glitches.

BROKEN - Option breaks game.

Animal Crossing
Mario Party 5 - Field bob every second or so1080 Avalanche - Inverse fieldBilly Hatcher - Black Screen
Crash Nitro Kart - Menus are 30fps.Mario Party 6 - Field bob every second or soBurnout 2 - Inverse fieldBloody Roar Primal Fury - Black Screen
Crazy TaxiMario Party 7 - Field bob every second or soEternal Darkness - Inverse field
Extreme-G 3Star Fox Adventures - Works great when 60fpsMario Superstar Baseball - Inverse field
Extreme-G Racing AssociationStar Wars Rogue Leader - Glitches.Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance - Inverse field
F-Zero GXSuper Smash Bros Melee - Field bob every second or soSoul Calibur 2 - Inverse field
IkarugaCrash Bandicoot TWOC - Suffers slowdownTetris Worlds - Inverse field
Kirby Air RideAuto Modelista - Inverse field in menus, fine in races.Timesplitters - Inverse field
Mario Golf Toadstool TourSpeed Kings - Suffers slowdownTimesplitters 2 - Inverse field
Mario Kart Double DashI-Ninja - Inverse field
Mario Party 4Naruto Clash of Ninja - Flickering shadow glitch
Metroid PrimeNaruto Clash of Ninja 2 - Flickering shadow glitch
Metroid Prime 2Simpsons Hit and Run - Inverse field
Paper MarioSimpsons Road Rage - Inverse field
Resident Evil Code Veronica XVexx - Inverse field
Sonic Adventure DXZapper - Inverse field
Sonic Adventure 2Dragon Ball Z Budokai - Boots in 480i
Super MonkeyballBaldurs Gate - Inverse field
Super Monkeyball 2Battle Stadium D.O.N - Inverse field
Tales of Symphonia - Great, 30/60fps game.Bionicle - Inverse field
BurnoutBlood Omen 2 - Still 480p internally
Cel DamageBomberman Generation - Inverse field
GeistCrash Tag Team Racing - Inverse field
Kao The Kangaroo - Round 2Donald Duck Going Quackers - Flickering shadow glitch
Tube SliderHunter the Reckoning - Inverse field below 60fps (most of the time)
Beyblade VForceLego Star Wars - Still 480p internally
Big Mutha TruckersLego Star Wars II - Inverse field
Digimon Rumble Arena 2Metal Arms Glitch in the System - Super jittery
Freaky FlyersSpongebob BFBB - Inverse field, flickering shadow glitch
Lost KingdomsR:Racing Evolution - Still 480p internally
Rayman 3 Hoodlum HavocTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Inverse field
Smashing Drive
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