2020 Summer Building Competition - Prizes and Deadline Extension


Jan 16, 2016
The World Wide Web
Howdy everyone,

The end of summer is sadly fast approaching and with it comes the end of the Summer Building Competition. By now I'm sure you've been wondering what kind of prizes we'd have up for grabs this year. We've decided to do away with the cash prizes and go back to our roots of offering different prizes for each winner to select from! Here are the prizes that the winners of this year's competition will get to choose from:

1st Place:

G-Boy Rev 3 DIY Portable Kit

Of course, after launching earlier this year, we'll be offering a G-Boy kit up for grabs for the first place winner of this year's competition. After all, who wouldn't want another project to complete right after having yours take first place in a competition?

Original Prusa MINI

If building another portable isn't your cup of tea, then what about adding a Prusa MINI to your setup? If you don't currently have a 3D printer there is no better way to get your hands on one!

Quick 861DW

Speaking of adding awesome tools to your setup, there's no Quicker way to remove the LDO from a Wii or RDRAM chips from an N64 than with the Quick 861DW hot air station! They always say go big or go home so this awesome piece of hardware is up for grabs as one of this year's prizes!

Hakko FX-951

Step up your soldering game with the FX-951. The tips can quickly be swapped out allowing for no lost time waiting for the iron to cool down. If you've ever wanted to own the ultimate Fisher Price soldering station, this may be your chance!

2nd Place:

EverDrive64 X7

If you're planning on doing a N64 project in the near future the EverDrive will be the perfect cartridge to use! Whether you want to keep the cartridge slot or solder this internally, the choice will be yours if you pick this prize.

Fluke 117

The Fluke 117 is a great companion for any modder looking to upgrade their multimeter.

Modding Pack - $175 Value

This pack of tools, wire, and other modding necessities is perfect for anyone who wants to get their hands on a trove of modding goodies. These packs will be custom tailored to the individual - you let us know what you have and what you think could improve your workbench the most!

3rd Place:

Quick 957DW+ Hot Air Station

The Quick 957DW+ comes with 3 different nozzles for all of your hot air needs.

Weller WE1010NA 70 Watt Digital Soldering Station

Another tool up for grabs, the Weller WE1010NA is a great option for any modder with its digital interface for easily changing temperatures. It can handle a range of projects, big or small!

Modding Pack - $125 Value

This pack of tools, wire, and other modding necessities is perfect for anyone who wants to get their hands on a trove of modding goodies.

In addition to the choices above, each winner will get their very own customized trophy for their placing as well as a BitBuilt t-shirt!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to officially announce the deadline extension - the new deadline for entering your project will be 11:59PM EST on August 29th. I know that several of you were waiting on packages from the store to arrive which is my fault so I hope this deadline extension helps! And for those who are close but not quite there yet keep on pushing! If these prizes aren't enough to entice you then perhaps the uncertainty of who will finish on time will push you all to attempt to complete your entries!

Good luck! The clock is ticking!



Jul 21, 2016
The Netherlands
Fuck i really regret not enterring now haha
Good luck to everyone else who is competing!