wiiu gamepad

  1. Tech Flare

    Worklog Attempting to put a Wii in a Wii U Gamepad

    I've been wanting to do this project for a long time, but have never had the time or money to do it until now. I've seen a number of people put Raspberry Pis into a Wii U Gamepad, but I have only found two examples of someone putting a Wii into a Wii U Gamepad (You can check out the posts here...
  2. PerplexedOzzy

    Question WiiU Gamepad Portable Wii Case

    I am trying to start my first project to make a portable, and I was wondering if using a WiiU gamepad as a case would be a good idea. It would allow a lot of room for error and I was wondering if there would be a way to use the pieces already inside like the battery, speakers, and IR bar.
  3. MRKane

    Worklog PiiStationU Portable

    So I was taking stock of the carnage on my workbench after the last PS2 portable when I started thinking about a project I'd been tinkering with, which was a Raspberry Pi portable inside a Wii U. See I'd collected most of the stuff to do it, I had the screen, and the external phone charger I...
  4. trevor403

    Worklog radicalplants' Unnamed Wii Portable

    radicalplants' Unnamed Wii Portable This portable is going to built off a modular pin header system that will allow multiple different interfaces to be used with the same module which will consist of the main Wii board only. It shouldn't take more than a VGA 20 pin header to achieve...
  5. Geliot0406

    Question Looking for a case for my GCP

    So I an planning to make a GCP but i have one problem... the case. I have already read the guide for making cases, but I couldnt understand the methods for making one, so I decided to buy one. I want to make something very similar to Gmans Gamecube Portable U 2.0, but I cant seem to find any wii...