wii laptop

  1. ops400

    Solved How can i run a full wii without a disk drive out of a battery

    Hello I'm very, very, VERY new to making portables, and I planing to make a wii "laptop", it will be a simple thing with a full size wii mother board without a disk drive. Well the point is I will power the system out of a battery and I don't know what battery to chose to power the wii. And if I...
  2. Big_Marsh

    Question First Wii Portable: What Battery should I use?

    Hi. This is my first Wii portable and its more like a wii laptop really. I just looking for advice on what battery I should use to power the wii, the screen powers itself so thats taken care of. I've been doing some reading and most people use Li-ion cells to power Wii's but I've never used...
  3. AlecM7

    Worklog The DVDii

    My plan is to make a Wii portable in a small Toshiba portable DVD player chassis I have. Since the original screen was 480x234, the composite input on it looked like trash, and I had to upgrade. I ordered a new LCD yesterday. It's the same size (9") but is 800x480 instead, and has a VGA input...
  4. Luca

    Portable Wii Laptop

    I have worked on this project for 4 months now. I'm done. I have a video. The first 2 minutes upon startup the screen goes crazy. No idea how to fix that, but games play fine. Inside is a mess. Fin.
  5. Worklog The WiiTop. An Uncreatively named Wii, inside of a laptop shell! (My first Wii portable! :O)

    Preface This is my first attempt at really anything 'diy'. I'm looking to make a more portable and accessable Wii. It doesn't need to be hand held, mearly a replacement for my dead laptop. A gaming machine I can take on the go to a friends house or other parts of my house that don't normally...
  6. Question Screen for wii laptop?

    I have a old dell latitude d630 that has a working screen and a good battery. Is there any way that i can use the screen from it on my wii laptop. If so i can i also use the battery if not what would be a good battery for a wii laptop. Thank you