1. trevor403

    Question WASP Fusion + MegaDrive v3 failure

    Hello, I am trying to use a WASP Fusion on a GameCube but I seem to be failing in some way and all of the guides on this modchip have been lost to time. I am trying to understand the start sequence for the WiiKey/WASP and what would cause it to fail. It is my understanding that a Blue LED...
  2. CaveStoryKing64

    Question Wii Mini Hacking

    Hello! I own a small Discord server. In that server, we are trying to get Homebrew onto the Wii Mini. But for that, we will need either a wasp or wiikey modchip. The reason why this is because of the route we are going to use. Route: -Obtain Wii Mini -Obtain modchip. -Install modchip into Wii...
  3. Acronell

    Question WiiKey/Wasp Boot

    I have never used a WiiKey or Wasp myself. When it comes to booting up, I know that Swiss is usually the primary OS/Firmware to use for making everything run nicely. However, are we capable of making the WiiKey/Wasp load something different as an OS/Firmware? Specifically, can we force the...
  4. Drummer123

    Question Problem with booting up Wasp

    Hello, I started this project about 3 months and will be posting a work log of my project in the near future. But anyways, after wiring and positioning everything and turning on the gamecube, I am stuck with an error involving the screen and wasp. Does anyone know why swiss doesn't boot up and...
  5. Naimlessone

    WTS - Rev A/B/C Gamecubes, WASP Fusions, megadrives, etc.

    To anyone who does decide to buy, If you could be so kind as to use the feedback thing on here to rate me. I would eventually like to be able to sell future portables and I know that it would help. Much appreciated! $20each/free shipping to the US. Console only; no power cords/cables. 4-...