1. Stretch

    Question PS Vita Mod - Screen help

    Hi, I was looking to try my first handheld mod by repurposing a PS Vita I have laying around. I was going to try my hand at designing a PCB with some features I need along with using a Compute Module 4 as the brains of it all. While doing some initial research I saw that the front panel and...
  2. Benge

    Release PS Vita Buttons 3D Files

    PS vita button are a nightmare :angry:to modelling and adjust to real dimensions. So here is mine, I hope it will help some people for designing their own PS2P ;) Be careful to make some test print before printing an entire case, the dimension have be taken by me and some can not be very...
  3. Question Looking to start making a Vita dock, need electronics advice.

    Note before starting, I have very little knowledge of electronics, good knowledge of 3D modeling, and limited programming experience. I'm looking to design and 3D print a dock for the PS Vita that has a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ to output video. This has been done before, but I want to also add a...