1. Question Short to ground on 1.8 V line

    Story time: I trimmed the board, relocated U10, and connected voltages to the board from the PMS. The board booted, to my delight. But then, disaster struck. I was considering removing the LDO to save some room in my case, and so I was probing with my multimeter to find where the 1.8 V output...
  2. OneSkyNet2012

    Question Troubleshooting GC+ 2.0

    Hello, I am working on a G-Wii and am having issues getting the buttons and joysticks to work. Namely, the GC+ 2.0 appears to not be working. I have spent the better half a 2 weeks researching and trying to find a solution to this issue I am having. Apparently, it's just not a problem other...
  3. JoeyBag’ODonuts

    Worklog Copii Cat "Louii" Work Log

    So after months of lurking on here I decided it's about time to start a work log of some sorts. I first was interested in portabilizing consoles when I ran into ModdedbyBacteria's N64 portable way back in 2009. After all these years I decided to finally give it a shot but with a wii seeing as I...
  4. GingerOfOz

    Guide The Exhaustive Wii Trimming and Troubleshooting FAQ

    Trimming a motherboard is generally the most daunting part of any portable. It's scary, there's no way around that. The goals of this long list are to help people feel more comfortable with the idea of trimming, preemptively answer a lot of questions people may have about trimming, and help...
  5. Madmorda

    Guide Spray Paint Troubleshooting Guide

    After spending countless hours building a portable and working on your case, the final step before assembly is painting. A good paintjob goes a long way in making your portable look nice, so it can be frustrating when your paint doesn’t come out right. Hopefully this guide will help with finding...
  6. Matthew

    Troubleshooting Techniques

    I have been trying to diagnose some issues with my first portable and I thought it might be useful to have a thread on different techniques that others use, especially the pros'. Anyone have any good techniques for identifying why a console would have sudden power loss?