trimming guide

  1. DonutCat448

    Solved Following the Wii Trimming Guide

    Hello. When looking at the trimming guide, there are multiple things highlighted with the same color. Does this mean the wire can be attached anywhere highlighted in the color, or just a specific location? Thank you!
  2. Aaron Miller

    OMGWTF Compendium Expansion

    I have found the Compendium, as well as the many guides here on BitBuilt, to be indispensable tools. However, sometimes, especially when I first started, it is somewhat difficult to see how everything fits together, and how to do some of the stuff you may want to do. In response to this, I have...
  3. Nold

    Guide The Definitive DC Trimming Guide

    Introduction This guide and its graphics were created by me, to the best of my knowledge and certain. But without guarantee of correctness! (Even if everything has been tested by me)! So make sure that you know what you are doing, as I will not be responsible for any damage or harm you might do...
  4. Honzapat

    Question Wii motherboard from scratch

    Hi for start lets say what i use i have soleering iron blablabla for moding and then from ebay i buy wii motherboard for 15 dollars so why not and i see how it can be trimmed diwn but is there any scheme if i desolder anything to make new pcb where it will be capable of wifi bluetooth and...
  5. Naimlessone

    Question In regards to CPU-30 wii's and under components...

    So i have a couple of cpu-01 model wiis laying around. I started taking one of them apart to confirm that they are cpu-01s and was curious about being able to use any of the components inside for the later model cpu-40 and above wii's if the need arose (i.e mx chip, bluetooth module, etc.) I...