1. Question How are you handling audio?

    I've been searching for a new, off-the-shelf solution to my N64 portable audio needs and have come up short. Ideally I would think we'd want an amplifier board that can do all the following: Drive external speakers (4-8 Ohm, 1-1.5W perhaps). Has built-in headphone jack. Headphone jack drops...
  2. FreedomCookie

    Question Help wiring switching audio

    I think I know how to do this, but I just wanna make sure before I go ahead and start. I'm planning on wiring in a headphone/amp switching circuit to my handheld (a unit running RetroPie), which is on a Raspberry Pi B+. Using this TRS jack as an example, I'm pretty sure I need to wire Terminal...
  3. Kanelot

    Solved Mounting speakers

    Hi all, Unclear if this should be here or in a more general console modding area - wondering about advice for mounting speakers inside a case to prevent buzzing? My speakers are relatively large, and tend to have some pretty intense shaking when hitting against anything. Would anyone recommend...