1. Wesk

    PS2 Ultra Slim

    So this project has no worklog as it was completely off the cuff and went from concept to completion in a day and a half. The PS2 Ultra Slim Renders: Real Pics: Features: -Almost half the width of a stock PS2 slim as it nixes the DVD drive and one of the USB ports. -Added mounting...
  2. Wesk

    Model PS2 Slim Console Scan (79k)

    PS2 Slim Console Scan (79k) Contains: PS2 Slim Console Lid Scan PS2 Slim Console Top Scan PS2 Slim Console Bottom Scan Specs: These are high poly scans, average poly count per mesh is about 2,500,000 triangles. NOTE: 3D scans aren't perfect, if light cannot hit certain parts of the...