1. Question Selling Wii With PortablizeMii

    I bought a Wii a couple of years ago, and I installed PortablizeMii. Can I sell it with the software? Edit: Just googled it. I can't sell it with games on it.
  2. DeoNaught


    One hand soldered GC+ for sale by your's truely :3 It might not look pretty, but I tested, and it works! I'm looking for about $20 plus shipping (but willing to go down a bit lower) You can contact me with questions or offers on here or on discord, my tag is Ghostie#3815 Going for $18 now :}
  3. DeoNaught

    ~SOLD~ For Sale or trade: Gc+

    SOLD I'm selling my Gc+, I know alot of people want them(but shop down ofc). I'm willing to sell at regular price, I have a cut up Game cube controller already, so not really needed at the moment, I need money and wiis at the moment. willing to trade for Wiis, or stuff that you think I might...
  4. Toaster912

    Selling stuff for powermii lite

    Hey everybody! Today I will be selling some of my stuff that I might not use, since I don't need the pth08080s and instead I'm getting a powermii lite, if they are available I suppose :) Well then let's get onto it shall wii! 1. Regulators I'm not sure if these are the right resistance but I'm...
  5. Madmorda

    Selling Safely Online

    I was just wondering what the safest way to sell online is. EBay takes 10% and PayPal takes an additional 3%, so I'm semi-reluctant to use both of them to sell, but don't want to get scammed by being cheap. I customize all kinds of consoles but normally sell on craigslist because buyers can see...
  6. Naimlessone

    WTS - Rev A/B/C Gamecubes, WASP Fusions, megadrives, etc.

    To anyone who does decide to buy, If you could be so kind as to use the feedback thing on here to rate me. I would eventually like to be able to sell future portables and I know that it would help. Much appreciated! $20each/free shipping to the US. Console only; no power cords/cables. 4-...