sd card

  1. IhYpGc

    Guide 6 layer Wifi and SD relocation points

    As I'm a newbie with trimming in general I though it be best to research and get a good grasp on the soldering/relocation points. Seeing as I couldn't find any easily find any posts on relocation points for 6 layer Wi-Fi, I stared at my board until I found some (I did continuity tests of...
  2. guyman70718

    Guide SD card relocation on 6 layer Wii

    My Wii needed to boot into bootmii after trimming so I am posting the sd card relocation points here for anyone in the future that needs or wants to relocate SD. This is a CPU-01 board but I would think the points are the same on other 6 layer Wiis. I used the same color guide as the 4 layer...