1. Cap’nPhineas

    Question How to access the stock wii menu from RVLoader?

    I’m going to mod my home wii with RVLoader for easier access of games, but I love the default vanilla wii menu and I want to still access it both on my home wii and my portables. How can I do this?
  2. MJMT

    Solved SNES support RVloader

    I saw a tab in the RVloader that looked like an SNES controller. Does that mean it supports SNES games? If so, what folder do they go in and what format should the ROMs be in?
  3. TopatoJoe

    RVLoader (1-1.5) Theme File Error

    Hey there! I was just installing RVloader on the Wii and it will not load a theme file, I tried adding it but it still doesn't load it. I have heard it is related to Sandisk drives, of which mine is, here is a link to the drive: 64GB Nintendont works fine, it's just BBloader and RVloader that...
  4. Question Usb doesn't work

    Usb stopped working after desoldering and resoldering the wires, tried CM1 and CM2. even tried soldering from different points as shown in the trimming guide. i can see a signal like this on the scope: ____________________________ | | _| but RVloader says it cannot initialize fat fs.
  5. Question Switching from BBloader to RVloader without a gamecube controller

    So I have bbloader installed on my Wii, and I want to switch to RVloader, but I don't have a gamecube controller. Also, I lost the usb I installed bbloader on so I most likely need a new one. What is the procedure I need to follow?
  6. Cyframe

    Mario Themes For RVLoader

    With a bit of work I've put together some new themes for RVLoader! I decided to make some Mario themes this time as I think more people will enjoy these. I've currently only made 5 Super Mario Galaxy themes(again reusing assets once the base ones were created) but I plan to make/release more...
  7. Cyframe

    Anime themes for RVLoader

    Recently I've gotten to work on making themes for RVLoader, with help from @Aurelio of course! The first idea I had for a theme was a Steins;Gate theme. I have other Nintendo related themes that are coming - but hopefully for now, this will quench the thirst people seem to have for custom...