1. CrazyGadget

    PSU-Plus Official Release

    This thread now serves as a mirror of the PSU-Plus Github repo. All files are located there. The PSU-Plus is the spiritual successor to Noah's RVL-PSU, designed for ease of assembly and versatility across many micro-type builds. Like it's predecessor, the PSU-Plus has 1V, 1.15V, 3.3V and 5V...
  2. Chris P Nugget

    Worklog Portable Wii #1: G-Wii Build

    What's up, figured I'd start a worklog for this project. It's probably going to be a long term project but I had some questions so I guess it makes sense to put them in a worklog. Feel free to move this post around somewhere if it's better suited elsewhere. I've made several Pi portables in...