1. Buying Custom Regulators / Trimmed Board (Found!)

    I'm looking for a wii board that still has Bluetooth (I have senor bar), as well as one memory card (wire, I can provide the spare slotting) and (wiring for) gamecube controllers, as well as the custom regulators pre-made and wired up If you have such a board, or at least a trimmed down one...
  2. Remo kagerer

    Question Power Draw of trimmed Wii

    I took a look at the Custom Regulator Page and noticed that it says the wii draws about 31W, but by adding up the power draw on the different voltage rails I only get about 5.8W (3.3V*0.66A)+(1.15V*1.8A)+(1V*1.53A)=5.778W Do the rest of of the components, that get removed really draw more than...
  3. MrPresident

    Solved Can't get a 4 layer board to boot. This time I have everything (I think)

    Hey everyone, here I am again. This time I tried to do everything there was to do. I bought and wired the PTH08080, checked voltages and trimmer a bit out the lines. When I power it up the screen is black and it's like it's resetting every half a second. The only thing I didn't try is to adjust...
  4. Paul3854

    Solved 11.6v out on all regs

    For some reason I am getting 11.6v on all my regulators and I don't know why. (Btw I'm using 12v source from the Wii Wal wart)
  5. DeTree72

    Question Reg Capacitors

    I understand that the purpose for capacitors is to filter the output and input voltages to protect against voltage spikes, but looking at the PTH08080, it looks like it already has surface mount regulators on it. What are these caps for if not filtering?
  6. Toaster912

    Question Onboard regulators

    Does anybody recommend taking this off? Gman made that image BTW, so all credits go to him.
  7. Ikeprodigy

    Resistors for Custom Regulators

    Where's the best place to get the listed resistors for custom regulators? (87.2k, 33.8k, 1.89k, 353) I'm having a hard time finding some for an affordable price. If there aren't any resistors with the exact value, what are the best combinations to put in series? Links would be appreciated!
  8. Wadebrody

    Custom Regulators

    Does anyone have any pictures of their custom regulators wired up to their Wii? I've been looking around but all I see is where the voltages are, on the Wii Trimming Guide. And also, do you need the custom 5v regulator or is that just optional? Thanks