1. YveltalGriffin

    Yveltal's Aqua Retro Lite CM4

    This is my Retro Lite CM4, designed by @Dmcke5 and @StonedEdge! It's a Switch Lite style handheld powered by the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. Many thanks to my friend StonedEdge for hooking me up with a kit last fall. It took me a little while to get around to assembling the unit, but I'm...
  2. Dango

    Discussion Gameboy Advance SP with Raspberry Pi 0

    I don't know where else to post this so I guess i'll put it here. This is my first electronics project and i'm super proud of how it came out. Big thank you to gameboypi for putting all the info up on GitHub and helping me when I got stuck!
  3. darkwing

    Guide PS2 SMB with a Raspberry Pi or how to load games at near full speed

    While playing with this setup I was taking some notes an though compiling this into a step by step guide would benefit the community more than sitting on my laptop so after a bit of effort there it is. This guide will help you setting up a Raspberry Pi to stream games to a PS2. The point of...
  4. Raspberry GBA

    Hey All, I saw these while browsing kickstarted and they sound promising. You have to be fast only 24 hours remaining.
  5. Fruity_Grebbles

    Mini USB Keyboard Faceplate (Dreamgear Minikey)

    I've been selling these mini keyboards in the hopes that people would find cool uses for them. Luke went and did, and I have to say that I'm really impressed with his project so far. For those of you who have 3D printers, I went ahead and took some scans of the keyboard faceplate. I generated...
  6. Fruity_Grebbles

    Mini Keyboards

    I'd love to get rid of these things. I have a bout a zillion, and they're great, but sadly sit in a large box in the corner. Here's the old ebay listing: Seriously, I'm taking offers. I have over a hundred. Down to trade, or sell pretty cheap. They're dope. Believe me. Uuuuuuusssse...