raspberry pi

  1. Fruity_Grebbles

    Mini USB Keyboard Faceplate (Dreamgear Minikey)

    I've been selling these mini keyboards in the hopes that people would find cool uses for them. Luke went and did, and I have to say that I'm really impressed with his project so far. For those of you who have 3D printers, I went ahead and took some scans of the keyboard faceplate. I generated...
  2. pipbug

    NanoPi NEO — A RPiZero Alternative

    For those of you who don't want to buy the Raspberry Pi Zero, this is a cheaper alternative! Pretty awesome. http://www.friendlyarm.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=132
  3. The Next Guy

    [Worklog] Super Pitendo

    This project is self-explanatory. I'm taking a Raspberry Pi 2, chucking it into a case with a screen and batteries. I'll chop up a broken Super Nintendo controller and embed in into the case. The screen of my choice is a generic 5" widescreen TFT display. I don't really have a plan with...
  4. IcyModding

    Questioned on modding Rp

    So I'm very new to the world of modding and I would like some simple tutorial on portabilizing a Raspberry Pi. I know how custom cases work as well as controls. But when I see a raspberry pi being made into a portable, I get very stumped on building one. Can anyone give me a helpful resource of...
  5. fibbef

    Guitar Boy

    The Guitar Boy is a project I finished a little over a year ago. I hosted a Game Boy-themed build comp on another forum and created this as an exhibition piece. Tried going for the Fender logo-style font. Painted on by hand using a toothpick. Features: System...
  6. Naimlessone

    PCB editing/creation programs

    Hey everyone. I just put together a little desktop for my workbench using a raspberry pi 3 and got to looking through some of the programs/software included with the raspian OS. I came across some pcb creation software (PCB Designer) and it peaked my interest. I know some of the more tech savvy...
  7. Blaze Fyah

    Raspberry PiStation

    Hey all. I finished my PiStation a few weeks ago. It has a Rpi2 inside with a Mausberry Circuit. http://mausberrycircuits.com/pages/soldering-your-own-switch Kept the original LED and Power switch from the PS1! What really helped was this tutorial...