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  1. when the

    Raspberry pi kit that requires soldering

    The title says most of it, looking online a lot of the major appeal of raspberry Pi kits is that no soldering is needed, but I got my first iron recently and was looking for a kit that needs soldering, or maybe some guides online on what I could do with a Pi that needs soldering, thanks!
  2. fibbef

    Hot Apple Pi

    After kicking this idea around in my head for about 3 years, I finally made the Hot Apple Pi a reality. Vitals: -3.5" screen with 320x240 ULD (ultra low density) resolution -Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v1.1 -2 18650 rechargeable battery cells of dubious capacity -50 or so games, most of them not...
  3. fibbef

    Worklog Hot Apple Pi

    Three years ago I came up with a design for a meme portable as part of a mini contest that Aurelio put on. It was enough to win me a GC+ (thanks and by the way, I swear I will put it to good use someday) and I told myself I would someday actually make the portable from my design. The design...
  4. Dmcke5

    Worklog A Switch Lite Sized Raspberry Pi Portable

    Hi guys, thought I'd share my first project with you all. I've already finished the first iteration of this project but I will try and do this in a build log style so you can see some of my process before I start on some of the upgrades I've got planned. Late last year I was without a project...
  5. The Next Guy

    The Super Pi

    So over the last 2 weeks, I've been working on a project using the Raspberry Pi 3 as a portable gaming device. (Very original huh?) I made an attempt with it before using some really silly stuff inside of it: A USB SNES Controller, 18560s, RPI default audio... and so on. The final case thickness...
  6. Dango

    Discussion Gameboy Advance SP with Raspberry Pi 0

    I don't know where else to post this so I guess i'll put it here. This is my first electronics project and i'm super proud of how it came out. Big thank you to gameboypi for putting all the info up on GitHub and helping me when I got stuck!
  7. Question GamePi Advance Attachment

    Hello; I've had a project on my desk for some months now, where the idea was to modify the Gameboy cartridge player for the Gamecube, remove the board and replace it with a Raspberry Pi with RetroPie. This way, not only can the bottom attachment display Gameboy cartridges, it can also emulate...
  8. Question Looking to start making a Vita dock, need electronics advice.

    Note before starting, I have very little knowledge of electronics, good knowledge of 3D modeling, and limited programming experience. I'm looking to design and 3D print a dock for the PS Vita that has a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ to output video. This has been done before, but I want to also add a...
  9. darkwing

    PIS2 - PS2 portable with build in SMB server

    So it's finally time to post this project in this section I believe. It's been quite a while since I started this project and it kind of evolve over the years. From thinking of using DVD drive all the way back in 2013 to looking into obscure hard drive setup for the slim, experimenting with...
  10. timestopMachinist

    Question battery questions

    I'm making a portable emulation machine with the pi 4, and im confused about power solutions. im using this screen with this controller board. I'm new to this, if you couldnt tell. I realize that it would be difficult to power both with one battery, so i dont mind using more than one. I was...
  11. FreedomCookie

    Question Help wiring switching audio

    I think I know how to do this, but I just wanna make sure before I go ahead and start. I'm planning on wiring in a headphone/amp switching circuit to my handheld (a unit running RetroPie), which is on a Raspberry Pi B+. Using this TRS jack as an example, I'm pretty sure I need to wire Terminal...
  12. QUESTION - LED Light Strip Controlled by Raspberry Pi Camera

    I have a christmas party to go to tonight, and I was interested in making a cool light up sweater using LED light strips, and controlling the colors of it using the raspberry pi camera so it reflects whatever the camera sees, but after researching a little I found no information on how to do...
  13. MRKane

    Seek Thermal Compact or Flir One

    Gidday all, Does anyone have a Seek Thermal Compact or Flir One that they'd be willing to sell for less than an arm and leg? See I've got it in my head that it'd be helpful to develop something to go on my drone that would allow me to do some thermal imaging for spotting livestock during...
  14. Question Raspberry Pi Console Power/Battery help

    Okay so I am building a portable Raspberry Pi console, and my goal is to make it as close to the Nintendo Switch in form factor and function as possible. I've been thinking about how I want to go about this and I have come to a few conclusions: I'm going to use a 7" screen that runs on 12 volts...
  15. nobble

    Nobble's RetroPie Futureboy DMG RPi3 Handheld (ENTRY 4 HACK LIKE HECK)

    AWWW SHIIIII-! GET YOUR TOWELS READY, IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN! ( ͠° ͜ʖ ͡°) NOBBLE HAS STEPPED UP TO THE CHALLENGE! Alright folks, Ben Heck doesn't give a hack anymore. Now is the time for us in the modding community to RISE UP by blowing the minds of unknowingly innocent normies with our...
  16. Madmorda

    Hoenn National Pokedex Gameboy

    Hey guys! This is going to be my written worklog for my entry into the Hack Like Heck competition. It will be more detailed than my video entry for anyone who wants to duplicate the project later. The goal is to create a handheld gaming system within a month, so I will be making a Raspberry Pi...
  17. nobble

    Nobble's Pikaboy SP: Pokemon-themed RetroPie console in a GBA SP shell.

    I have been putting off my WiiP for a few days and felt bad about my laziness. After I had been laying in bed night after night, restless, knowing that my project was watching me from the corner of the room, I hid it away and thought about my life decisions. So I decided to go on a diet of...
  18. darkwing

    Guide PS2 SMB with a Raspberry Pi or how to load games at near full speed

    While playing with this setup I was taking some notes an though compiling this into a step by step guide would benefit the community more than sitting on my laptop so after a bit of effort there it is. This guide will help you setting up a Raspberry Pi to stream games to a PS2. The point of...
  19. darkwing

    Worklog PIS2, a long overdue ps2 portable

    So after a short break of… around 4 years I finally got the time/ motivation to finish my PS2 portable. I couldn’t stand seeing this half finish case staring back at me, like a ghost of the modding past (see what I did there), begging to be completed. For reference this is the link to old post...
  20. Fruity_Grebbles

    Discussion Give me your wackiest Wii portable ideas

    (within reason) I've got a 4-layer board on the way, and I want to make something out of the ordinary. Initial thought: Pi Zero mini-terminal + Wii portable Wrap 'em in a 3DS XL case with a keyboard on the bottom half ( a la @Luke ). But I want to hear more!