raspberry pi 4

  1. Fast Rock Productions

    Worklog SBC box64 and box86 research worklog

    Hey everyone I will be testing software/games on sbc's and computers that support box64 and box86. My hopes of doing these tests and reporting on various other's work with proper credit given will help people in the community who have documentation as well. I want arm devices and sbc's to be...
  2. Question Analog joystick (raspberry pi)

    Hi, I'm trying to build a portable console by using raspberry pi 4, and I want to connect analog sticks to it. Is there a way how to connect an analog joystick(preferable from the Switch or Vita) to GPIO pins? or maybe something like a connector to USB? Thanks in advance.
  3. Tech Flare

    Question Mini USB soldering directly to Raspberry Pi USB not working

    Hey guys, idk if this is the right place to be asking about this, but I am making a handheld Raspberry Pi retro game console, and I made a custom controller with a Teensy++ 2.0. This board uses a Mini USB cable to interface with the Raspberry Pi. I wanted to solder it directly to the Pi's USB...
  4. Tech Flare

    Solved Trying to Power a Raspberry Pi and 5" LCD Screen with 1 Battery

    Hello everyone, I've been working on making a portable Raspberry Pi for a while now, and it's so close to being done. Here's a link to my worklog that has more details: hackaday.io. Everything is working except my power setup. Basically I am trying to power this 5" display and the Raspberry Pi...
  5. timestopMachinist

    Question battery questions

    I'm making a portable emulation machine with the pi 4, and im confused about power solutions. im using this screen with this controller board. I'm new to this, if you couldnt tell. I realize that it would be difficult to power both with one battery, so i dont mind using more than one. I was...