1. NahuelFlores

    Question Is this battery scheme well structured?

    Hello! As you saw in the title, I need help with this battery scheme. I need you to confirm your is well structured. To consider; each battery of the following scheme will be in an individual battery compartment. The batteries will be charged with a specific battery charger, so you will have to...
  2. cfc_12

    Worklog Another Amazing PlayStation 2 Portable!

    Just got home from post office and school. Looks like it's time to make an another one! Thanks to @E64 ! I got the package today bro! :D Btw, what's the wire for? :?:
  3. Please Help all Modders!!!

    Hi, I am completely new and would like to make a portable ps2 in the style of GmanModz (Youtuber) so I have a fixed plan. I intended to do this with my experienced uncle but unfortunately, he has passed away and I would like to dedicate this to him. I have a 3d printer for the shell but, I have...
  4. darkwing

    Worklog PIS2, a long overdue ps2 portable

    So after a short break of… around 4 years I finally got the time/ motivation to finish my PS2 portable. I couldn’t stand seeing this half finish case staring back at me, like a ghost of the modding past (see what I did there), begging to be completed. For reference this is the link to old post...
  5. LokiDragon

    Worklog SP PSII Build

    I'm a lot further along with my first PS2P now nearly finished I dare say... But I've another problem I can't work out. I'm using the Pro evolution soccer controller which has the analog sticks on a separate board as well as solder pads ready printed on the button main board (Guess the company...
  6. cfc_12

    Worklog PS2p: 3 years Hiatus... Comeback!

    After 3 years of hiatus... PS2 portable's comeback iz real!