ps2 motherboard trimming

  1. Daniel Ls81

    Worklog Ps2 shiden type-s

    Ps2 scph-79001 motherboard Hevy modified. 5v mod. Custom copper 2mm heatsink Custom 5v fan. Custom trim. Custom ethernet conector.
  2. Jamehhhh

    Question PS2 Portable Help

    Hi All, I have decided I really want to have a go at creating my own Portable PS2. Unfortunately I do not have too much electronics experience, I only know the basics really. I also know this is a massive task for someone with my knowledge but I love a challenge! Now, the problem is I don't...
  3. Please Help all Modders!!!

    Hi, I am completely new and would like to make a portable ps2 in the style of GmanModz (Youtuber) so I have a fixed plan. I intended to do this with my experienced uncle but unfortunately, he has passed away and I would like to dedicate this to him. I have a 3d printer for the shell but, I have...
  4. Luielvin

    Question ps2 motherboard trimming

    can you teach me how to trim my ps2 motherboard? i will take a picture of it the model is scph 77006 its from japan so can u teach me? i know the trimming process is for model 79000 series but please take a look and can you guide me how many volts? i will upload the picture later after i...