portable nintendo 64

  1. MomSpaghetti

    Solved PAM8803

    Hello everyone, I've been making a n64 portable lately and im in the stage of pre-trim, I have a problem of no audio. i made a picture using paint below, I'm using the PAM8803 mini Class D amp. with 2x 8Ohm speakers. Are my connections right? Or is it the fact that the 8Ohm speakers are...
  2. VOS MOD

    VOS MOD's Second Portable Nintendo 64 - The "N64C"

    It's finally done. link to the worklog: https://bitbuilt.net/forums/index.php?threads/vos-mods-second-n64-portable-the-n64c.1817/ SPECS: - Full N64 controls (Modern Analog Stick) - Integrated speaker w/ audio amp and volume control - Integrated expansion pack (via board bend method) - 2500...
  3. VOS MOD

    My First Portable Nintendo 64 - The "N64-2GO"

    Hey everyone! Brand new to this forum and wanted to show you all a project that I just completed and was interested in what y'all think. Check out my walk-around video here: As you can probably guess by now, it's an N64 Portable! The enclosure and buttons are all 3d printed and i'm very...