1. MiseriesChild

    A general question about

    First let me say I'm not here to offend or tarnish a reputation or anything like that. I love this community along with all the genius minds and don't want to put anyone down. I would just like to know if anyone here has bought parts from and if they received their order? I...
  2. fluiddaudio

    Best place to get rubber tact switches in Canada?

    Most places (including the ebay link from Gmans BOM) that supply squishy tact switches are suuuper expensive here ($30 shipping on a $5 purchase..) Suggestions?
  3. Fruity_Grebbles

    Mini USB keyboards - Great for portables

    Had a few of these laying around. They've been tested to work with several computers, and even my Wii. If anyone wanted to include a keyboard in their next portable, or maybe just have a pocket-sized one to keep with your handheld, these are your best bet.