nintendo 64 portable

  1. MomSpaghetti

    Worklog GameBoy 64!

    Hey! Welcome to my 1st(Successful) portable Nintendo 64 Console called the Gameboy 64! It was named like that because of how it's handled like a gameboy advance! I worked on this unit for 3-4 weeks to finish including the case design and everything, but didn't want to post a worklog until i...
  2. Pacal

    RDP 64 (Complete)

    Finally i finished this. I can’t tell how happy I’m with my portable,after failing many times i never thought that this day will come but here it is my first portable ever The final specs: -N64 board trimmed -1mb Memory pack -3.5 inch screen -3D printed case -3ds joystick -3d printed Z and C...
  3. Naimlessone

    Worklog Naimlessones Nameless N64 Portable

    Heya peeps. Been on a bit of a hiatus from modding for the last year or so, but I'm back now. A few weeks back I thought about all of my modding supplies and selling it off to help pay for a Switch. After I got it all laid out I started getting that itch again so here I am. Been messing around...
  4. VOS MOD

    Worklog VOS MOD's Second N64 Portable - The "N64C"

    Hey all! After having so much fun making my first Nintendo 64 portable, which can be found at: , I am already planning my second one. This new portable will feature a vacuum formed plastic...