1. Solved Which Case method is better?

    Alright so I am extremely new to the scene and just had a quick question about case making. Which method is better and if it is better why and what are the differences/pros/cons. Vacuum forming or 3D Printing? Also if I were to 3d print would this be a good printer to use...
  2. Geliot0406

    New Nintendo 2DS XL revealed

    Yes, it IS real My first thought was "lolwut?", And I still stand on that, internally. The exterior of the console? GOD gimme 20 and a taco. It looks so good! What do you think about this console? (BTW, I have to make my project on a case that looks exactly like that. God bless the Pi Zero)
  3. Geliot0406

    The newest, the noobest, and the youngest. New member!

    So i have been silently spying on you guys for about 2 months now, but i decided to make an account and be an active user of the site!. Now, i know absolutely NOTHING about portabilizing, ironing, soldering n stuff, but my guess is that it is always best to have senpai's than bad tutorials, so I...