1. DartWolf

    Question Pluto-IIx HDMI chip gamecube install documetation?

    Recently I acquired a gamecube and various components to mod it with. The Xeno chip is very straightforward, and the SD2SP2 mod chip plugs right in. I am having some difficulty finding install documentation on the Pluto-IIx HDMI soldering points. I already have GC-Video in the modchip, so I...
  2. CaveStoryKing64

    Question Wii Mini Hacking

    Hello! I own a small Discord server. In that server, we are trying to get Homebrew onto the Wii Mini. But for that, we will need either a wasp or wiikey modchip. The reason why this is because of the route we are going to use. Route: -Obtain Wii Mini -Obtain modchip. -Install modchip into Wii...
  3. Tech Flare

    Looking for a Gamecube mod chip to buy

    I'm looking for any gamecube mod chip to buy. If anyone has a spare mod chip, tell me which one and how much your willing to sell it for and i'll get back to you as soon as possible!
  4. Madmorda

    Guide Xeno GC Modchip Installation Guide

    There is a lot of information out there about these Gamecube modchips, but a lot of it is incorrect. Hopefully this guide will clear some of that up. What is a Xeno GC? This modchip is a tiny chip designed to go inside a Gamecube console to allow it to read burned copies of games. It is...
  5. Drummer123

    Wanting to buy Wasp Fusion

    Hey everyone! I have been looking on various websites for a wasp fusion, and I am out of luck. It appears that Eurasia may take awhile to restock this product and eBay doesn't have the product at a reasonable price. If you are willing to sell one please contact me via BitBuilt (username...