1. Benge

    Worklog O-Wii V2

    I'm starting this topic to share my progress and improvements to the O-Wii, the goal is to have a V2 that can be made quite easily by other people and I possibly sell a few copies. It's been a long time that I haven't tried again to make my custom NDS button with GC+ 2.0 PCB work. After a lot...
  2. Benge

    Worklog Benge BS2 Portable PS2

    Hello, after my first great experience in the portabilization of console (O-Wii), I really want to make a portable PS2 ! So here is my worklog :D Here are the ideas that I think to integrate : Custom buttons PCBs with PS2+ on it + RGB led, power button, L1 + R1 (and maybe U-Amp on one side)...