lcd screen

  1. CamiTheWitch

    Question Good 5 to 7 inch LCD with composite input?

    Hi! I'm planing on building a relatively simple NES portable, and I'm trying to find a decent screen. Are the super cheap rear view backup camera LCDs on eBay and AliExpress any good, or is there a recommended display I should use? Thanks!
  2. JuDaG1

    Question 1.8 inch tft screen wiring

    A Little Backstory: I recently received a spare small 1.8 (the kit self-proclaimed it as HD though I'm skeptical due to the size) screen I happened upon from an arduino kit I got as a present. Note that the vendors of that kit were kind enough to provide what I assume is normally clear manual...
  3. WantMii

    Question Reduce LCD control board power consumption on specific LCD board and run 5V?

    Although there is a guide on how to do this, I am not knowledgeable enough for solving that problem on my own with other specific boards of interest. This screen is unrelated to any portable Wii projects, as its resolution is unsupported, but I figured that this would be the best place to ask my...
  4. Can a 7" TFT LCD be connected to the Wii?

    I see that the screen interface has UART and Ethernet ports. Here is the datasheet.
  5. Question building my first ps2 portable

    I'm starting my first ps2 portable but i need help wiring this LCD screen taken from a portable dvd player the good thing about this dvd player is that it kinda looks like wii u gamepad and i was thinking about using it for my built too, as you can see in the pictures this comes with 2 Ni-MH...
  6. Question Looking for screens for a wii portable

    I can't seem to find a good screen on the internet, the best I found was this but it doesn't have a VGA input, and I am not sure how good Wii games will look on that low resolution. Then there is this which also has those problems. I am going for something like 3.5 inches. Any recommendations?
  7. Tech Flare

    Solved Trying to Power a Raspberry Pi and 5" LCD Screen with 1 Battery

    Hello everyone, I've been working on making a portable Raspberry Pi for a while now, and it's so close to being done. Here's a link to my worklog that has more details: Everything is working except my power setup. Basically I am trying to power this 5" display and the Raspberry Pi...