lcd screen

  1. Can a 7" TFT LCD be connected to the Wii?

    I see that the screen interface has UART and Ethernet ports. Here is the datasheet.
  2. Question building my first ps2 portable

    I'm starting my first ps2 portable but i need help wiring this LCD screen taken from a portable dvd player the good thing about this dvd player is that it kinda looks like wii u gamepad and i was thinking about using it for my built too, as you can see in the pictures this comes with 2 Ni-MH...
  3. Question Looking for screens for a wii portable

    I can't seem to find a good screen on the internet, the best I found was this but it doesn't have a VGA input, and I am not sure how good Wii games will look on that low resolution. Then there is this which also has those problems. I am going for something like 3.5 inches. Any recommendations?
  4. Tech Flare

    Solved Trying to Power a Raspberry Pi and 5" LCD Screen with 1 Battery

    Hello everyone, I've been working on making a portable Raspberry Pi for a while now, and it's so close to being done. Here's a link to my worklog that has more details: Everything is working except my power setup. Basically I am trying to power this 5" display and the Raspberry Pi...