1. Can/How can I modify a laptop screen to display output from HDMI/AV/anything?

    I have an old ASUS ROG G551V Laptop and I am wondering if it would be possible to somehow make it display output from some hdmi, AV etc output or something else. I want to modify a console to output to it but I am unsure about how I could do this or if it is even possible. Maybe there is another...
  2. ToxicBananaFish

    How should I trim my Wii in order to keep video, sensor bar, and Gamecube controller ports?

    I want to build a laptop that uses external controllers, but I want the ability to also plug it into a TV with a sensor bar as well. I plan on using RVL-PMS-2 if/when it's back in stock, but I'd like to know where exactly I should trim the board to keep all the ports except for the SD slot. I...
  3. vikMKW

    Worklog Toshiiba

    Background Wii laptops were popular among early modders and beginners, like myself, but all attempts I've perused were incomplete, dated, or were not portable (i.e. tethered to wall power). I don’t stand a chance against this year's unique ideas and skilled modders, but I hope to take the title...
  4. ttsgeb

    Worklog Geb's Xbox Slim Laptop

    I'm waiting on parts to arrive, but here's a list of features I'll have: 9 inch 480p widescreen LCD Modchip SD Card game loading Xbox 360 Slim PSU Features I hope I'll have: XboxDVI The motherboard is going to be completely untrimmed, and the controller will be external. Hopefully this...
  5. MomSpaghetti

    Worklog PS2 Laptop!

    Hello! Welcome to my PlayStation 2 laptop worklog, The reason behind this particular project is because of the PS2 model i have, SCPH-90004, It has a bigger motherboard than the usual 790001, Beside that, The Composite for some reason really shows a good picture and components cable doesnt work...
  6. Want to purchase xbox 360 laptop

    I know everyone has xbox one laptops- I have one. But what is really near and dear to my heart and my favorite gaming system of all time is my xbox 360. I know people are not making these laptops anymore (lord knows I have looked and emails) so, if anyone has one they want to sell, please let...
  7. MiseriesChild

    iBook G3 Clamshell Upgrade

    Something I've been wanting to do so bad is upgrade my iBook G3 Clamshell with a motherboard out of like a MacBook Air. Something like this...
  8. Worklog Wii Book

    the specs of the book 10.1 inch lcd battery pack internal usb hdd more coming soon :P (Log 1 )Wii LAPTOP EARLY PROOF OF CONCEPT 4K (nothing is broken yet hahahahahahahaha) more pictures and logs coming soon :)
  9. Acronell

    Question Connect Wii Disc Drive to Gamecube

    A few years ago on BenHeck, I asked if it would be possible to connect a Wii Disc Drive to a GameCube in order to slim down the GameCube for a portable that included a working disc drive. Well, at the time everyone told me it was impossible, that it would never work,band that noone would ever...
  10. kjc35

    Worklog Yet to be named Wii Laptop (1/2 Worklog?)

    Hey guys just wanted to give a preview of my Wii Laptop before the last wires are soldered and the last screws are screwed. Specs: -Dell 15.4" 1280x800 (monitor I had laying around) -5200mah 4S battery -Untrimmed Wii with USB Loader GX (Would like to use PortablizeMii but don't know if it...
  11. Question Screen for wii laptop?

    I have a old dell latitude d630 that has a working screen and a good battery. Is there any way that i can use the screen from it on my wii laptop. If so i can i also use the battery if not what would be a good battery for a wii laptop. Thank you